The Department of Science and Humanities is a primal department which consists of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English disciplines. All the disciplines in the department exist as a separate division and maintain individual identities. The Department acts as a bridge between the basic sciences and engineering procedures. Faculty members are highly qualified, rich in experience to cater to the needs of budding engineers, actively engaged in research work, participated in National and International Conferences/Workshop’s/STTP’s/FDP’s/Webinars, and have published number of  research papers in various journals of repute and UGC approved journals. Faculty members participated in the University activities such as members of BOS, Curriculum workshops, examination/valuation section, etc.

Applied Science & Humanities is often referred to as the basic engineering discipline because whatever field of engineering one wishes to major in, the basics of subject come in handy in the effective design and development. Applied Science and Humanities also plays a significant role in all types of engineering course.

The department of Sciences & Humanities aims for the betterment of the students' community. The basic requirement of the professional students is the communication skills, inter-personal skills, Aptitude, reasoning ability, apart from the technical skills.