Planning and Administration Cell


Dean (Planning & Administration)

Annual Budget & Grant Planning, Finance & administration

Prof. S. S. Pusadkar


Planning & Office Administration

Finance & Budget

Mr. N. H. Bhujade,

Mr. K. A. Meshram

Store & Procurement Officer, Insurance of equipments and infrastructure

Dr. R. B. Yarasu

Mr. S. S. Gadge

Mr. S. M. Bajare

Mr. S. P. Karode

Scholarship / Free-ship Coordinator (State / Centre Govt. & allied organization / AICTE)


Mr. A. A. Uplap

Ms. P. N. Gatlewar


Academics & Examination Cell


Dean Academics

Academic Calendar, Academic Discipline / Monitoring, Academic Audit (Affiliation work), Institute Time table,  Visiting faculty requirement, Institute Convocation, Feedback Student in semester & pass out feedback analysis

Dr. R. R. Choudhari


Mr. S. G. Nagrare

Mr. W. R. Choudhari


Mr. R. S. Banait

Examination & Result Coordinator – Theory & Practical examination, Result analysis, MIS

Dr. R. L. Wankhade


 AICTE approval, DTE data, AISHE, UGC & University correspondence

Mrs. S. B. Nagrale

Mr. S. S. Bakshi

Mr. P. V. Bhake


Student Welfare Cell


Dean (Student Welfare)

Student discipline, dress code, student welfare, Gymkhana activity coordination, Students elections,

Dr. K. G. Aasutkar

Mr. K. D. Barai

Mrs. A. B. Sinha

Mr . D. K. Wankar

Mr. S. R. Bansod

Sport Activity Coordinator – Institute & University level sport, Sport facilities, NSS, NCC, Flag Hoisting, 

Mr. S. R. Wagh


Cultural Activity – ORANZ, Music instruments, Student participation outside institute, Day Celebration

Ms R. M. Sahare

Technical Activity / Co-curricular Activity - Technical festival,  Hackathon, Tyckathon, Institute level training, workshop, seminars, IE Chapter,

Dr. S. A. Tekade

Drone Club and Coding & Language Club

Mrs. S. P. Uke


Robotic Club & Astronomy Club

Mr. S. P. Jolhe


Automobile Club  & BAJA SAE India etc

Mr. A. A. Uplap


VIRINA Club & Tri-shakti Club

Mrs. N. V. Khadse


Hobby Club  & Music Club

Ms. M. S. Satpute



III & Placement Cell


Dean (III & Placement)

Student Placement & training, Entrepreneurship, Internship, Career & Guidance, Competitive Examination guidance, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works

Dr. R. S. Surjuse

Mr. P. B. Kelzare


Faculty (Civil Engineering)

Mr. A. A. Gawai

 Faculty (Computer Science &  Engineering)

Ms. Kranti Wankhede

 Faculty (Electrical Engineering)

Mr. S. P. Jolhe

 Faculty (Mechanical Engineering)

Ms. M. S. Satpute

 Faculty (Electronics & Telecommunication)

Mrs. S. P. Uke


Research and Quality Assurance Cell


Dean (Research and Quality Assurance)

AICTE, DST, UGC & RDSO,  research schemes, Patent, National & International Conference, Testing & Consultancy, IQAC

Dr. K. N. Kadam

Mr. S. S. Bisen

Mrs. K. N. Budhe

Mr. V. D. Waghmare

IIC, Unnat Bharat, Unnat Maharashtra, Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat, e-yantra

Dr. J. B. Randhawa

NPTEL, NBA, NAAC, NIRF and other ranking proposals

Mr. P. V. Nandankar


Corporate Affair Cell


Dean (Corporate Affair)

Corporate relations, publicity, MoU of industry & institution, Centre of excellence & Start up, Incubation,

Prof. N. D. Ghawghawe

Mr. D. N. Bagade

Mr. N. B. Sahare

Faculty & Staff Training, Workshop & Seminar, Alumni Association Linkage

Ms. N. V. Khadse

Publicity  Officer, Quarterly publication including Collages, Rajybhasha

Smt. S. R. Patil


Hostel Administration


Rector & Hostel Administration, Hospital arrangement

Dr. C. M. Khairnar

Mr. S. L. Tongse

Warden (Boys Hostel)

Mr. A. A. Gawai

Warden (Girls  Hostel)

Mrs. S. B. Nagrale

Gymnasium, Canteen , Student Cooperative Store & Student  Facilities

Dr. V. J. Dagwal


Institute Level Write-off Committee



Dr. R. B. Yarasu

Mr. P. B. Raut



Mrs. S. P. Uke


Mr. A. A. Gawai


Building Works, Campus Beautification & Maintenance Cell


Dean (Infrastructure)

Civil Works, Land Records, Space Distribution, Maintenance including plumbing, Campus Cleanliness, Gardening & Green Campus, ATM & other facility

Prof. P. B. Daigavane

Mr. A. A. Gawai

Mr. S. D. Mate

Mr. H. R. Rathod


Overall In charge


Electrical Works & Maintenance including DG sets (Operation & Maintenance),

Prof. N. D. Ghawghawe

Mr. S. P. Jolhe


Mr. S. N. Sarode



Overall In charge

Electronics maintenance including EPBAX & Telephone, UPS & Inverter batteries

Dr. R. D. Raut

Mrs. S. B. Nagrale

Mr. P. B. Chachire


Overall In charge


Air Conditioner, Water Cooler Maintenance, RO purifier, Drinking Water facility, Fire Extinguisher & Fire audit etc

Dr. V. M. Aathawale

Mr. S. R. Wagh

Mr. S. M. Dhanvijay



Overall In charge

Data Center including CWN, Internet facility & Institute Website

Computer & peripheral, Digital / Interactive Boards, Biometric maintenance 






Dr. L. G. Malik


Mr. P. V. Nandankar


Mr. S. S. Bakshi

Mr. P. V. Bhake


Furniture Repair Cell


Overall In charge


Furniture repair & fixtures procurement & maintenance

Dr. R. B. Yarasu


Dr. R. L. Wankhede

Mr. S. P. Karode

Mr. R. P. Chakole


Admission & Induction program Cell


Overall Admission In charge


Dr. R. R. Choudhari, Dean Academics

Mr. V. M. Malewar

Mr. S. K. Hadke


First Year & Second year Admission

Dr. C. P. Kalambe

Orientation and Induction Program

Dr. V. J. Dagwal