Student Welfare Cell

Student Welfare Cell provides an ideal platform for students to participate in Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities. Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities at Government College of Engineering Nagpur provide a platform for students to hone their leadership, interpersonal, intrapersonal and team skills with strong ethics and enhance their physical fitness too as a significant part of a student’s overall development


  • To encourage students’ individual, academic and integrated development by providing leadership and counselling services and thus prepare them to become good citizens of the society


  • To provide a comprehensive, competent and responsive system to facilitate a good learning environment to the students.
  • To arrange various Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities, leadership, social, and counselling programs to inculcate responsibility among students towards the society.


Student Welfare Policy : Click Here

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To prepare plan and execute programmes for holistic development of the students.
  • To nominate student representatives to various bodies of the University in consultation with Student Council.
  • To enable students to participate effectively in Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities
  • To advice Student Council as and when required.
  • To work with Sports coordinator, Cultural coordinator and Technical coordinator for all matters related to students’ Welfare.
  • To encourage students to participate in events/programmes outside the Institute.
  • To keep in touch with the parents/guardians as and when required.
  • To arrange for maintenance of students’ discipline in the Campus.

This cell is committed to student well being and betterment under the leadership of Dean (Student Welfare) Dr.Kiran Tajne Asutkar. It strives for the all round development of the students in all spheres of life through counselling & various other student-oriented programs.

                                College Students Council for academic year 2023-24



Yash Bhagat

CE 4th Year



Pranav Supare

ETC 3rd  year


Cultural Coordinator

Manjeet Naik

EE 3rd  year


Technical Coordinator

Malhar Paradkar

ETC 3rd  year


Sports Coordinator

Pranav Tripathi

CSE 3rd  year


NSS Coordinator

Prathamesh Nakade

EE 2rd  year


NCC Coordinator

Ms.Kashish Budhwani

ETC 3rd  year


Ladies Representative (Day Scholar)

Ms.Yashasvi Sherke

CSE  2nd  year


Ladies Representative (Hostel)

Ms. Ankita Prajapati

ME  3rd   year


Technical Head (Gymkhana)

Aditya Thombre

CSE  2nd  year


Magazine Coordinator

Ishad Pande

CSE  2nd  year


University Representative

Swapnil Palsapure

ETC 3rd year

The student’s extra-curricular and co-curricular activities form a very important supportive framework in shaping a student’s career. Considering the entire professional course, a lot of commitment, dedication along with a receptive and active mindset is needed. For this, we need tangible and rational student curricular which would enhance and enrich an overall student’s productivity and professional outcome.

The extra-curricular as well as the co-curricular activities can be planned by making concepts of the student club. The student clubs are of various genres and the students join these clubs without any concept of selection or forced participation. Rather the students are well aware of the genres and they join them depending on their interests and hobbies so that they can make the best use of the club, add more ideas into it and weave out a new concept for that club.

We, at Government College of Engineering Nagpur, ask for voluntary participation from students and their commitment. The students come forth with their individual interests in various genres and express their willingness to share long term responsibility of that particular club, sort of ownership as well as mentorship to the newly interested students from the upcoming professional years.

In addition to clubs & cells, we have separate units for NCC & NSS

List of the Clubs:-

1)    Astronomy club

2)    Automotive development club

3)    Robotics club

4)    Drone club

5)    Coding & Language club

6)    Google Developer students club

7)    Hobby & Music club

8)    Trishakti cell

9)    Virina cell

10) Rotaract club

Department Students Associations are formed under which lot of technical and non- technical activities are organised throughout the year in each department.

1)    CESA

2)    MESA

3)    EESA

4)    ETSA

5)    COMSA


Three major events are organized under Students Welfare Cell

1)    Annual Social Gathering “ORANZ”

2)    National Technical Festival “ADHYAAYA”

3)    Sports event “SFOORTI”


List of Events Conducted every year:

  1. Orientation /Induction Programme for fresher’s
  2. Jayanti celebration of Patriotic Heroes
  3. Blood donation camp
  4. Tree Plantation programmes.
  5. National Voters day celebration
  6. Shiv Jayanti celebration on 19th February
  7. International Women’s Day celebration on 8th March
  8. Shiv Rajyabhishek din celebration on 6th June
  9. Yoga day celebration on 21st June
  10. World Environment day celebration
  11. Teachers day celebration on 5th September
  12. Engineers day celebration on 15th September

Brief report about Gymkhana 

Ground Area:- 4.84 Acres

Indoor Game:- Chess, Table Tennis, Carom, Power Lifting

Outdoor Game:- Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Vollyball, Football, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Archery, Running, Wrestling, Basketball, Swimming, Handball, Hockey, Tug of War, Boxing, Malkhamb, Judo Karate, Shooting